My Ever-Growing and Changing List Of Past And Future Adventures

1Unwind in the thermal pools in IcelandIceland
2Road trip with my girlfriends through Big SurCalifornia
3Snap Insta-pics at the famous Bondi IcebergsIceberg
4Tour the up-and-coming wine region of Valle de GuadalupeMexico
5Go cliff jumping in JamaicaJamaica
6See the Northern LightsIceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland & Finland
7Visit Stonehenge UK
8See the Taj Mahal in all of its splendoIndia
9See Times SquareUSA
10See the Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE
11Eat and drink my way through Napa ValleyNapa Valley
12Visit Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain
13Visit Cinque TerreItaly
14Road trip through the Dolomites Italy
15Walk to Chichén ItzáMexico
16Trek through the HimalayasBhutan, India, Nepal, China & Pakistan
17Visit AlcatrazUSA
18Sleep in a cliff-side cave villaGreece
19Float on the Dead SeaIsrael & Jordan
20Leave a note in the Wailing WallJerusalem

21Travel the Italian countryside by trainItaly
22Visit a black sand beach Dominica
23Cook with the locals in ThailandThailand
24Visit Bora BoraFrench Polynesia
25Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom seasonJapan
26Stand on the salt flats Bolivia
27Hike Macchu Picchu UK
28Overlook Singapore from the Marina Bay SandsSingapore
29Drink beers at OktoberfestGermany
30Spend a day with the elephantsThailand
31Go salsa dancing in CubaCuba
32Paraglide over the white sand beaches of MiamiUSA
33Take in the views of Hawaii by helicopterUSA
34Get weird at Mardi Gras in New OrleansUSA
35Take a hot air balloon ride over CappadociaTurkey
36Dine atop Le Panoramique restaurant in Le Brévant, ChamonixFrance
37Go whale watching and hunting for sea glass in MaineUSA
38Take part in the Lantern Festival in Chiang MaiThailand
39Spend the day pool hopping in Palm SpringsUSA
40Overdose on Malbec in MendozaArgentina

41Eat gelato for breakfast, lunch AND dinner in Florence, ItalyItaly
42Run my hands through the seaglass at Glass Sands Beach in Fort Bragg, CAUSA
43Check out the Eiffel Tower at nightFrance
44Visit the arctic circle in winter time when there’s little light
45Visit the arctic circle in summer when there’s light all day long
46Do a campervan trip through New ZealandNew Zealand
47See the Northern Lights via glass igloos in Finland (yes, this is a thing)Finland
48Experience an authentic Hawaiian “Luau”USA
49Sip cocktails from ice glasses at the Absolut Ice Bar, LondonUK
50Get lost in the LouvreFrance
51Set up camp in Yosemite National Park
52Hike Masada in Israel at sunriseIsrael
53Drink Guiness in IrelandIreland
54Dip my feet in the turquoise waters of the MaldivesMaldives
55Take a doors-off helicopter ride over New York CityUSA
56Attend my first Burning Man
57Eat sushi in JapanJapan
58Go with a lover to the Amalfi CoastItaly
59Ride a scooter around SouthEast Asia
60Visit the famous “The Beach” Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi

61Witness a World Cup match & an Olympics in the fleshWorld
62Climb up Chichen Itza in MexicoMexico
63Chill with tigers in Chiang MaiThailand
64Take in the city views from the London EyeUK
65Feast on paella and sangria in MadridSpain
66See a show at the Sydney Opera HouseAustralia
67Trek through the Israeli desert by camelIsrael
68Visit the Colosseum, RomeItaly
69Get chauffeured by gondola in VeniceItaly
70Buggy rides in the sand dunes in HuacachinaPeru
71Float (and simultaneously attempt to not burn my eyes) in the Dead SeaJordan/Israel
72Swim with dolphins in MexicoMexico
73Conquer my fear of shark diving South Africa
74Sail the British Virgin IslandsCaribbean
75Stand amongst the alien-like rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park
76Explore Chile’s brand new Patagonia National Park!Chile
77Cruise Santorini by donkeyGreece
78Check out a music festival in another country (Osheaga, Montreal)Canada
79Get lost in a sea of blue in ChefchaouenMorocco
80Visit all 7 continents! North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania down. Two more to goWorld

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