How To Get Travel Insurance

Apart from finding a cheap flight or booking a cheap hotel, finding the right travel insurance can be stressful, and sometimes much effort. It’s one of the things about a holiday that some people don’t like, or never do. However, it is essential to have an excellent travel insurance policy, so you’ve covered in case anything wrong were to happen. It’s the most critical thing you should get for your trip and something I strongly, advise travellers to never leave home without. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about travel insurance


Travel insurance is a type of plan that protects you from unexpected risks and losses that can occur while you are travelling internationally or domestically such as

  • Trip cancellations
  • Medical emergencies
  • Personal injury
  • Lost, stolen or damaged items, including baggage, passports and money

As you can see, it’s essential to have travel insurance as it can give you peace of mind that any unexpected expense is taken care of. Going without cover is very risky and could leave you massively out of pocket if the unthinkable happens. 


I know I can’t fly without travel insurance. Honestly, it’s the peace of mind of realizing that if I get sick, I don’t run the risk of running big medical bills and if I get unlucky and have no choice but go to the hospital, there will be someone there to pick me up the tab.

This means I can do the things I love without having to think about the financial implications of an incident. 

It means that if I’m in the middle of Thailand with malaria symptoms, there’s someone I can call, who’ll tell me which hospital I should go to or, more importantly, which ones I should avoid.

Even if my bags get misplaced or stolen, I will have the peace of mind of knowing I haven’t lost everything and I can call someone that will pick up the phone and help me with some emergency money in case I also don’t have my credit cards.


Travel insurance can be expensive as it varies with so many things. The type of cover you want can change the cost, as well as if you have any existing medical conditions. The company can also decide to charge you more than another company just because it wants to. This is why it is imperative to check comparison sites for the type of cover and price you are willing to pay. 


So, to ensure you choose a policy that’s right for you, here are some things that your travel insurance should have to make sure you’re fully covered.

  • Coverage for your electronics 
  • Covers injury and sudden illnesses
  • Twenty-four-hour emergency services (you don’t want to find a voicemail)
  • Covers lost, damaged or stolen valuables like jewellery, baggage, cameras, etc.
  • Has enough coverage to pay for any medical bills. Ideally at least 100.000 USD, preferably more
  • Cover cancellations such as hotel bookings, and flights in case you have a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergency
  • Claims can be filed online
  • It includes most countries around the world 
  • Can be extended while travelling if my travel plans change

My favourite insurance is Safety Wing. It was established by three Norwegian friends who wanted insurance that catered to frequent travellers. They have since become one of the best travel insurance. I have used them several times over the last two years and have been very happy with them. They have an excellent reputation, and claims are processed in a fast and fair manner. Their customer service is excellent, and the insurance can be bought online. It covers quite a few of my favourite adventurous activities.

 Most significantly, they provide a lot of coverage at a fair price. 


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