About me

Hi, I’m Beryle

A world traveller with a curiosity that’s never fully sated. I’m always in search of all things fabulous, whether it’s a new culinary experience or a historical luxury hotel

Originally from Kenya, I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to 30+ countries.

When I travel, I seek both luxury and local culture. Every travel experience of mine is fueled by my passion for the finer things in life, my adventurous spirit, my social awareness, and my craving to understand the disparate cultural fibres that make up our world. So while you might find me at the most luxurious suite at Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris or Michelin-starred Alinea in Chicago, you will also find me on a safari through Kenya. To me, luxury is the ability to feed your needs in their entirety, whether physical, intellectual, or emotional.

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